Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snow and Armenian Gingerbread Cake

Armenian Gingerbread Cake

To avoid any confusion there is nothing Armenian about this cake.

In case you are not familiar with Armenian Cake, it is like an upside down crumb cake. The crumbs are at the bottom, giving the cake a crunchy base. It’s not just the crumbs that make this cake unique, actually there’s nothing unique about crumbs. What is unique is the process of making the cake. You make only one batter, use half for the crumbly base and add milk and other ingredients to the other half to get the cakey top. It’s a nice shortcut approach.

Something else unique about Armenian Cake is that it is not from Armenia, but from Australia. Why it is called Armenian Cake remains a mystery. The story is no different from Afghan Cookies which are from New Zealand, not Afghanistan. And Mars bars is not from Mars. Analogy taken too far I think.

Armenian Cake is usually made with nutmeg. I replaced nutmeg with ginger and cinnamon to make the gingerbread version. The recipe is available here.

And real snow finally arrived here.

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Winter Cake

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Great news for KFC fans. From December 1 through February 28 Japan Airlines will serve KFC on its flights from Tokyo's Narita Airport to eight destinations. It will be served as a second meal on flights to New York, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt and Paris. 

If you are lucky enough to be travelling on one of those flights, expect to receive a drumstick, chicken breast, "flat bread" and coleslaw. I am sure they have figured out a way to keep the chicken moist since it will be served a few hours after being prepared.

Until now I had never heard of any airline serving food from a fast food chain. And I doubt this trend will catch on. Its available for a limited time only. I haven’t had many sub-par meals on airlines. I guess some customers would find meals from fast food chains more appealing than some of the meals that airlines serve. But the fact remains when you are up there you don't have much of a choice.


  1. It looks gorgeous and you have posted it at the very well chosen moment: whenever I smell gingerbread or spice bread/cookies, I think about Christmas. I think nutmeg is one of the spices in a traditional spice cake mixture too. I add it to my carrot cake (but I add much more ginger).
    You know, most airlines serve such a disgusting stuff during their flights... I would love to have KFC (the only chain which serves real pieces of chicken, even though the rest is of course fast food with lots of sugar, oil and salt).
    On the other hand, I don't know what Japanese airlines used to serve, but when I flew to Japan by KLM the Japanese meal on the return flight (there was a choice between this and "European") was really good! Can you imagine a raw, slightly pickled mackerel as a starter in economy class??? I couldn't believe my eyes. I will not comment the European choice: it looked absolutely horrible on both flights...

    1. Good point. I didn't have nutmeg so I excluded it. If I had I would have definitely included it in the recipe.
      In some countries (eg Malaysia, Singapore) McDonalds has fried chicken and its really delicious. I can't say which is better, they both are good.
      Slightly pickled mackerel sounds absolutely delicious, great that you got it on a flight. Probably made the flight more enjoyable.

  2. the penguins are so cute! great photo choice!

  3. I've tried Armenian nutmeg cake (not sure if it's the same) and it's such a delicious cake! :)

  4. Oh I must add - KFC in Japan is more delicious than one I can get in the US. I don't know why, or what's the difference, but it definitely tastes better... But it still sounds "strange" to have fast food on airplane though. Usually the food in Japanese airlines are pretty decent, why you would "downgrade" to fast food? Looking at the destination, most customers are Japanese on these flights, so maybe they prefer eating KFC than "ordinary" Japanese food? I don't know. Japanese chicken dish is different from how Westerners prepared (including KFC style chicken) and I still enjoy going to KFC for Western style chicken once in a while. Ok enough about KFC.

    Your gingerbread cake looks yummy! I never tried Armenian cake. It sounds delicious and your cake looks VERY moist and delicious!

    1. Maybe better chicken in Japan? They say the quality should be the same in every country but its not. I tried KFC in the S Pacific and it was nasty - hard and dry

  5. I saw those edible Christmas decorations and thought them so gorgeous I shared them on my FB page. The Armenian but Australian cake is very timely with the spices right now. I don't eat KFC on the ground so I doubt I'm going to order it from the air - it couldn't taste any better up in the skies xx

  6. That winter cake does not even look like a cake, amazing

  7. Yum! The cake looks so nice and fluffy and light. A cake with a crust ... nice!
    KFC as airplane food? They must have had a strike at the airline kitchens or something.

    1. Or KFC bribed JAL:) Oops shouldn't have said that!