Friday, November 9, 2012

Savoury cake and 2013 food trends

Chorizo and Olive Cake

Savoury cakes are rare. It is not really a cake in the traditional sense of the word. There is no sugar. Neither is it bread in the traditional sense of the word. This ‘thing’ has a cake like texture, made with lots of eggs.

Savoury cakes are apparently popular in France. I don’t know why it is not popular elsewhere, considering how quick and easy it is to prepare, and the amazing result. Eating savoury cakes is like eating a sandwich made with really moist delicious bread and lots of filling, except that this savoury cake is easier to make and easier to eat. Everything is in the slice, you don’t have to do any extra work in preparing a sandwich. And you can easily eat with one hand!

This cake is very robust. You can add just about anything reasonable. It is a great way to transform leftovers into something quite different and unexpected. The recipe is available here.

Chorizo and Olive Cake

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The top ten food trends for 2013 has just been released by US consumer research company, Sterling-Rice Group. The list, which is compiled by 100 celebrity chefs, restaurateurs and food lovers around the United States, provides predictions that will help food companies to develop, position and market their food products.

Because of growing focus on obesity health occupies several spots in the top 10. Here’s the full list:

1.      Sour gets its day: Fermented cherry juice and sour beer? Food palates move beyond sweet, salty and fatty to tart, acidic, and bitter.
2.      Chefs watch your weight: Chefs are changing their habits and exchanging their butter and bacon for broth and beets. The result, better-for-you food that actually tastes good.
3.      Asian infiltrates American comfort food:  The spicy and fresh flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea will give consumers a new take on comfort food.
4.      Veggies take over the plate: No longer prepared as just a side or salad, vegetables will get their chance to star as the main dish.
5.      Kids’ menus grow up: Mac and Cheese and chicken nuggets take a backseat to kid-friendly versions of adult dining options.
6.      American artisans save you a trip to Europe: With the emergence of local artisans budding in cities across America, why fly to Paris when you can go to Philly? Foodies can think globally, but travel locally.
7.      Small plates for me only: Small plates for sharing will be replaced with smaller, singular servings of meat, veggies, or starches – for a truly customized dining experience.
8.      Savory fruit: Look for fruit used with savory flavors, incorporated as a touch in appetizers, soups, and meat dishes.
9.      No diner left behind: From gluten-free to vegan, more and more restaurants will offer all-inclusive menus and services to accommodate all eaters.
10.  Popcorn is THE snack of 2013: Sweet or savory, the all-time favorite (and healthy) snack will pop up everywhere – in ice cream, as croutons.


  1. I've heard one mainstream food magazine is doing a few recipes with popcorn-something that they haven't really considered before!

  2. Your cake looks extraordinary!!! The colours are beautiful and it looks soft and moist, just as it should be. I often make tarts with chorizo, so I can imagine how great the cake tastes with it. Great idea! I am really proud to learn you have liked my recipe :-)

  3. Interesting trend predictions...not sure I'll ever pick sour over sweet or salty! And I'm all for a savory cake...especially one with olives and chorizo...yum!

  4. I don't think I've ever had a savoury cake. It sort of seems like a pizza only with different presentation and there's no cheese on the top. And I'm glad there's a trend towards restaurants providing GF options. xx

    1. The texture is quite different from pizza as well.

  5. Ohh that chorizo and olive cake looks so different, I never had one of those. Got to try that one out

  6. That's pretty! Looks almost like a Christmassy biscotti :)
    I remember it also at Sissi's ... haven't tried it yet.
    Interesting food trends. I'm all for them.

    1. Never thought of it but it does look a bit like biscotti, like a Spanish Christmassy biscotti:)