Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reindeer and Beetroot, Liver and Bacon

Fried beetroot, liver and bacon

Few days ago I was watching Come Dine With Me on youtube. Great program, I love it. While watching I felt that someone was looking at me through the windows. I looked and sure enough it was someone, or more like something. Staring at me was an organic free range reindeer. I think he or she was trying to communicate with me, saying ‘stop watching come dine with me, instead dine on me’! When I saw the reindeer I immediately thought of reindeer meat served with chanterelle sauce. Its absolutely delicious. The quality of the meat from the reindeer that I saw probably doesn’t get too much better. These reindeer feed on organic fruits like apples and stuff from the forest. They roam around and breath fresh air. They are very happy animals, which means delicious meat. 

I often see reindeers but it is not common to see one standing at the windows and staring at you. Very pleasant and strange, just like this fried beetroot, liver and bacon dish. The combination of beetroot, liver and bacon may sound strange but when you think of it, it should work in theory. The sweetness and earthiness from the beets, smokiness and saltiness from bacon and the irony taste from liver, combined with chili and garlic sound good together. In spite of the sound theory I did have some doubts in practice. Nevertheless I proceeded to make this since I wanted to use the ingredients and could not be bothered cooking them separately.

I am glad I did. I wolfed it down in minutes, it was good, and I was hungry. The combination really surprised me. The 'livery' or irony taste was subtle and the beetroots tasted much less earthy. All the ingredients had different textures, it wasn't a plate of mush. The beets were al dente, liver was soft while the bacon was slightly crispy and hard. While the different textures were evident, the same cannot be said for the color. Beets are bullies, everything was red. But I can live with that. The recipe is available here.

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  1. Well thats an interesting recipe, I can just imagine how it taste I never had tried reindeer

  2. You have reindeers near where you live? :o How marvellous!

  3. Poor Rudolf. I've never seen a reindeer. Only some wild deer that came to our yard and trampling it to bits when we were abroad ... didn't know how to cook then :)
    I love that combination ... don't see anything wrong with it. Love the beetroot, love bacon and liver! It'll be a great Christmas dish if you'd just sprinkle something green over :)
    That article is correct ... my pet has been so great this few months. But I think it's getting over-hugged!

    1. Great idea to add some greens - wish I thought earlier. I was too focused on eating it:)
      You might be able to buy reindeer - imported from NZ, Sweden etc. It comes in small boxes - around 300g.

  4. It looks so delicious and intriguing... I have never had reindeer in my life! I wish I had... I really feel at home here when you write that seeing the live animal made you think about its delicious meat. We live in times when people are disgusted even by a sight of a whole fish or cut up meat seen at the butcher's... (when I tell some of my friends that seeing a huge pork loin at the butcher's I get hungry and cannot go without a bit they look at me as is I were a cannibal at least...).
    I have heard that pets are especially advised for old people who tend to feel lonely and bored and don't move a lot. I remember that I loved my dog but I was furious when I had to take it for a walk when it was very cold or when it rained...

    1. Hahaha, great minds think alike:) Whenever I see deer in the backyard thats what comes into my mind. The meat is so delicious.

  5. Oh, wait, so it's not reindeer liver? Sorry, I have misunderstood! It does look very tempting though and I'm sure that reindeer liver must be very special too :-)

    1. Its chicken liver. I've never tried reindeer liver - yes must be delicious.

  6. Hi 3C - I love reindeer... sadly I can't get it as much as I'd like, seems really rare in France, although you can occasionally get cured stuff from IKEA, although it's really expensive. I watched Come Dine With Me once... it was so bad... maybe it's just the families they chose, but everyone seemed so trashy, and bitching so much about other people... not just about the food. And the presenter as well seemed like a real asshat. In Sweden on the channel TV4 they have a show called "Halv ├ątta hos mig" which is the same concept but it seems really nice - I used to love watching it until TV4 changed their rules and it's difficult to view it on their website anymore :(. I like it the most *because* of the presenter - Helge Skog... a really funny guy :)

    1. Some of the Come Dine With Me is less interesting because of the bitching etc but some are really really entertaining. Haven't watched the Swedish version yet.