Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Orange Cake and Drink Milk

Chocolate Orange Cake with Chocolate Orange Sauce

This is a different and nice cake. I used orange juice instead of milk, resulting in a cake with fudgy texture, nice flavor and a way to use up orange juice. 

The orange flavor is subtle. Add orange zest or orange liqueur if you prefer a stronger orange flavor. The sauce also has a subtle orange flavor, and its not overly sweet. The recipe is available here.

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Source: Science Daily
I don’t know whether this news is extremely useful, or extremely useless. You decide.

Researchers from The Ohio State University discovered that drinking milk while eating garlic-heavy food can reduce the malodorous breath associated with garlic consumption. Although drinking milk after eating a garlic-infused meal can still help, the study found that drinking it during the meal will have better results.  Both fat-free and whole milk worked, but whole milk was found to be more effective due to its higher fat content.

So, if you are out on a first date and don’t want to have garlic breath, having milk with your meal can help, but it will look strange. You won’t have garlic breath, or even better, it probably won’t matter since you may not have anyone to kiss. Garlic breath issue solved, twice!


  1. I'm going to try that milk trick the next time I have lots of garlic! :D

  2. Your cake looks and sounds marvellous. Chocolate, orange, orange liqueur... Have you said fudgy texture? I really must try it! I never have enough chocolate recipes.
    Thank you, I will pass the milk (as most adults I don't digest it well and moreover I have always hated the taste of pure milk; whenever I see an American film where adults drink milk with cookies, I am put off cookies for a long time). I propose parsley instead: it kills the garlic smell and is very healthy whatever the age or intolerance.

    1. Thank you. It turned out to be quite fudgy, which was nice.
      That parsley idea sounds like a nice alternative - and I suppose parsley breath is better than garlic breath!

  3. That cakes just looks simply delectable, moist and satisfying. And I like the choco-orange combo a lot.

    I am a milk drinker and even if it may improve my breath I feel my milk drinking experience would be ruined during a meal, sounds weird to me lol.

  4. Oh my that chocolate orange cake looks decadent. Look at that sauce yum!

  5. i love the angle on your fav photo! good pick!