Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oreo Cookies and Ice Cream

Oreo Cookies

The cookies in the picture don't look like real Oreo's, but the taste is pretty close, except for the cream. I didn’t make the cream as suggested in the recipe. Instead I filled the cookies with a simple custard.

Did you know that Oreo is the best selling cookie in the US? Oreo's were introduced in China in 1996, and by 2006 it became the best selling cookie. The Chinese Oreo has lower sugar content. There was a marketing campaign to educate Chinese consumers about the American tradition of pairing milk with cookies. I thought this was brave, considering that most Chinese people are lactose intolerant. One study even estimates that up to 90% of adults are lactose intolerant. Oreo and soy milk?

If you want to try something different, consider Coconut Oat Oreo Cookies. Personally I prefer this version, it has coconut and oats in it. The recipe is available here.

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Source: the journal
Global per capita ice cream consumption figures have just been published. Here is the chart:

Very interesting to see that the cold countries, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Canada, are in the top 7.

New Zealanders on average consume a little over half a litre per week. Not everyone in New Zealand eats ice cream, and not everyone eats half a litre per week. This means some people must be eating a lot of ice cream. And there is such a huge difference between Australia and New Zealand.

In India, the weekly consumption is 2 ml. I suppose the local ice cream, kulfi, is more popular.

The weekly consumption in Singapore is only about 50ml. I thought it would be much higher considering the climate. I don’t know how much of the population  is lactose intolerant.


  1. Your Oreos look beautiful and I'm sure they taste 100 x better too! I have never tasted Oreos and only heard they are the highest calorie sweet snack in the US...
    As for the milk, I think making cow milk popular in Asia is criminal. The 90% concerns, from what I read on allergy websites, also Japan for example and yet children had been given milk for years... I'm sure no one would link their stomach ache to the lactose intolerance... (This is how it often shows).
    The ice-cream chart is very interesting. Especially Finland and Sweden! I still remember how surprised I was reading how much coffee Sweden consumes! Personally I am a fan of sorbets. Ice-cream is too heavy...

    1. Thank you. I am surprised you never tasted Oreos. You should, its sweet but not overly sweet. It has lot of cocoa, so there is very slight bitterness. And cocoa is good for you. Have these cookies for breakfast, it has benefits!
      Re coffee consumption - I can see it myself but I don't see people eating ice cream. I guess they eat it indoors, not while walking on the streets. Or maybe they eat really a lot during summer and not so much during winter.

  2. What a surprising result! I had no idea that NZers consumed ice cream more than people in other countries! The milk and dairy they produce is really good though so I suppose that counts for something.

    1. I guess that could be one reason, good quality product and lot of promotions

  3. Hahaha! We do consume a lot of it in fact we never run out of it at home and we even make our own at home. They are also cheap in here

  4. I think your Oreo version sounds better, yumm custard. That is funny eductatin to drink with milk. bad target audience.

    Funny how the higest consumming ice cream countries are some of the coldest in winter?

  5. Whoa! I didn't expect so many countries with cold climates to eat so much ice cream! I avoid ice cream (actually, anything cold) over winter. I can't wait till spring time! It's freezing over here.