Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chocolate Cheesecake and Beer

Chocolate Cheesecake

This is the first time that I tried chocolate cheesecake. It is quite a nice alternative to the regular cheesecake.

Melted chocolate and cream cheese taste a bit like nutella, I think so anyway, not that I eat nutella. Perhaps if you have nut allergy and can’t eat nutella, try chocolate and cream cheese. The recipe is available here.

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Smoked chicken mayonnaise with tomato in a beetroot focaccia

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You don’t need any reasons to justify drinking beer, but if you are looking for justifications, here are five.

Beer contains natural antioxidants and vitamins. Dark beers that go through very a high temperature roasting process contain more natural antioxidants and vitamins than lighter brews.  And, if you drink a dark beer that contains fruits with even more antioxidants in them, you can boost this benefit even more.

Beer is a great way to keep hydrated since it is over 90 percent water. A recent study from Finland indicates that beer can help prevent kidney stones. This is likely due to beer’s high water content and ability to prevent dehydration. There is also evidence that the hops in beer may prevent kidney stones by slowing bone’s release of calcium, a main contributor to kidney stones.

The soluble fiber in beer can help lower the risk of heart disease. Like other fiber-rich foods such as oats or barley, it can help lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

Beer can help strengthen your bones. Beer is rich in silicon, which has been linked to better bone density.

Micro brews provide you with more health benefits because they typically contain more hops than other beers. There are polyphenols in hops, which help kill viruses, lower cholesterol and fight cancer.


  1. Beautiful cheesecake! I never bake with cream cheese but fresh/curd cheese which is usually slightly tangy and doesn't go well with chocolate, but I am very tempted to try chocolate cheesecake again. And I have to definitely start making a nice pattern like you did. Excellent idea!
    I remember I saw old ads in newspapers from before the 2nd World War advising mothers to give beer to their children, so I shouldn't be surprised beer has so many advantages!

    1. I've never had cheesecake made with curd - will try next time. It should go really well with milk chocolate but perhaps not dark chocolate.
      That pattern is necessary for the taste:)

  2. Mmmmm, I must print this beer fact so I show them to my wife :)

  3. At first I thought that that was a giant chocolate covered biscuit. But even better that it's a cheesecake :)

  4. Oh chocolate cheesecake is the best. Glad you tried it. Now these are interesting facts for drinking more beer. Unfortunately sometimes it does not settle well in my stomach. I hope wine is just as good :-)