Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken Tikka Masala and Tea Addict

Chicken Tikka Masala

National dish of Britain? Debatable. There seems to be more claims that this dish was invented in Britain rather than India. However the name doesn't sound very British. Technicalities aside, this is delicious.

Going through various recipes, I discovered there are two approaches for preparing chicken tikka masala. One approach involves marinating the chicken, grilling it and then dousing in sauce. Sounds great but too much effort. I preferred the second approach, cooking everything together.

I’ve already posted a recipe for butter chicken/murgh makhani. Chicken tikka masala does not seem to be too different, except for the origin of the dish. The recipe is available here.

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German Sausage Double Beef Burger, featuring two beef patties, two sausages, and mustard.

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Source: The fix
Too much tea caused tooth loss and other bone problems for a 47-year-old woman. The article didn’t say how much she drank but it was "astronomical amounts" of highly concentrated tea, drank for nearly 20 years. This caused her fluoride levels to spike to more than four times the normal amount. As a result, her bones had become so brittle that her teeth had to be extracted. Her bone density was seven times denser than normal, it was like steel.

The tea addict was prescribed a tea-free diet, and has since recovered.

In the US, brewed tea contains high amounts of fluoride.

This shows that too much of anything, even something healthy, can be harmful.


  1. I think moderation is the key! I wonder how much tea she drank exactly? :o

  2. Wow thats what I call a man burger, YUM!

  3. Your chicken tikka masala looks great! I wish I had the time and courage to prepare it tonight. I tasted it when I went to UK for the first time (it was obligatory in my food experience there!) and was surprised how good it was (apart from the lack of chili!).
    If I understood well, this poor woman is a victim of tap water loaded with fluoride and not tea... If she had used spring water or tap water without fluoride, she wouldn't have any problems. Am I right?

    1. Same, I had to taste it also when I visited London. Also tasted it at a cafe in Stockholm, it was extremely bad, boiled chicken would have tasted much nicer:(
      I wasn't sure about that article - the water contributed but I wonder who much role tea played. The article also talks about brewed tea - I wonder if she was drinking tea from bottles/cans rather than making it herself

  4. Love Indian and yeah I heard some classic dishes were invented in Britain too. Still is awesome. Well I knew tea was an astringent but that takes it to another level with fluoride. I wish they mentioned just how much she drank.

  5. wow! who knew? tea could do that to you?