Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shark Fins Stop Flying and Gluten Free Coconut Oat Raisin Cookie

Gluten Free Coconut Oat Raisin Cookie

These cookies are gluten free, low in sugar and low in butter but still taste delicious. Yes, it is possible. And you can skip the sugar and make it sugar free, it will still be sufficiently sweet.

But wait, there's more. This easy recipe requires no whipping of butter and sugar. Instead the butter is melted and mixed with other ingredients. The recipe is available here.

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US Striploin

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Source: CNN
Air New Zealand has stopped flying shipments of shark's fin to Hong Kong. This action is as a result of the shipment being publicized in the media by New Zealand Shark Alliance. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's main carrier, also announced a ban on shark's fin cargo last September. Note that Hong Kong is considered the shark's fin capital of the world, and the main carrier has stopped flying it.

It is estimated that about 72 million sharks are killed each year and 10,000 tons of fins are traded through Hong Kong.

So it seems the fins will have to find other modes of transportation, like sea based. Back to where they started.


  1. It looks delicious and... like ANZAC biscuits but without flour! Well done!
    The problem with oats is that originally they don't contain gluten, but what people use (and what is used here) are processed oats. Yet, most of "supermarket" bought oats contain some gluten because of being processed in factories processing other grains too. Some people say that only organic oats sold in organic shops are safe (and if they are produced in the same country, there is the name of the factory etc.. not imported from China for example). Of course, if one has only a slight intolerance or avoids gluten this is not a problem, but people with celiac disease are often afraid of even the slightest amount of gluten.
    I'm surprised NZ airlines have stopped transporting them only now...

    1. Good spotting! I got inspiration from the ANZAC recipe!
      So oats get gluten from potential contact with other grains? I suppose the risk is still there for persons with low tolerance. The same can be said for meats - pork may have some elements of beef if processed in the same factory/butcher? Or even better, it can get replaced totally with horse:)

    2. Yes... I learnt about oats when a friend of mine started to be on gluten-free diet and announced she couldn't eat oats... Her dietician told her eliminating them is simpler. She said the same about brown sugar, not specifying that some dark cane sugars are "coloured" by different products, but some are naturally dark (it's written on the packages of my organic sugar: it's simply not treated to become lighter...). I don't like the idea of eliminating food instead of being more attentive.

    3. Thats good to know. Surprised to hear about sugar. Brown sugar can be made by mixing white sugar with molasses - this is the natural way but I suppose to cut costs manufacturers may mix molasses with something else. The more we read the more we find out things that we don't want to know!!!

  2. After that yummy sirloin I will need a few cookies. Gluten free is getting better and better.

    1. Of course, to 'wash down' the steak:)

  3. I was itching to see how you combined shark and coconut! Glad you didn't! The cookies look and sound stupendous. I love oat cookies. I love coconut cookies. I think I am going to rather like the combo!