Sunday, June 16, 2013

Semolina Lemon Coconut Cake and Don't Skip Breakfast

Semolina Lemon Coconut Cake

 The cake is super moist, and semolina gives a fantastic soft gritty texture. I’ve made variations of this cake many times, and I am still not sick of it. Semolina’s texture in this cake in really appealing. The recipe is available here.

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Dim sum

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Source: Mail Online
This is interesting. Skipping breakfast has a huge economic cost. In the case of UK it loses £300 million a year. The loss arises since people who skip breakfast are less productive. It has been estimated that those who miss breakfast lose 82 minutes of the working day.

59% of UK workers skip breakfast. Thats a lot of less productive workers in the UK! 

Almost two thirds of those under 25s skip breakfast while only 19% of those in the 45 and 54 skip breakfast. It seems one gets wiser with age, and more productive.

So, it is important to eat breakfast, as long as you don’t spend 82 minute eating it. 


  1. As someone who makes regularly apple semolina cake, I always read with big curiosity about your semolina experiments. This cake looks particularly appetising, maybe because I love coconut... but most probably because I can see from your photo how moist and soft it is. Bookmarked!
    Unfortunately, I am absolutely unable to swallow anything apart from obligatory coffee before about 10 am, so when I work in the office I take some food with me and have a late breakfast there.
    I love the fire message!

    1. But I am sure you are not less productive till 10am - that study applies to Brits only:)
      Thanks for the reminder about that semolina apple cake - with apple season on its way I will surely be making it again

  2. Big fan of semolina cakes, with lemon and coconut it must be really delicious. Hah ha ha love that sign, we had our annual alarm drill at work last week. I have always believed in breakfast, a must for me.