Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gnocchi and Do Vegetarians Live Longer


It is amazing how so few ingredients produce something quite delicious, if done right. Aristotle was right when he said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” However I have a slight suspicion that he did not have gnocchi in mind when he came up with the saying. But stranger things have happened. After all apparently an apple inspired Newton to formulate his theory of gravity.

Anyway, I’ve made gnocchi a number of times, sometimes not strictly following the recipe, but the result always turns out to be edible. So if you are afraid of trying it, don't. And the shape does not really matter.  The recipe is available here

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An interesting but inconclusive article on whether vegetarians live longer.

Some studies suggest people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle live longer, however the articles don’t conclude that vegetarians live longer. Two studies definitely show some sort of correlation between vegetarian or vegan lifestyles and length of life, but the groups studied were quite specific, so it is hard to draw general conclusions.

The first study focused on a one-time survey of more than 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists. They were chosen as the focus of the study because their lifestyle encourages healthful diets, as well as abstention from alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Not everyone studied was a vegetarian or vegan, but the Seventh-day Adventists are taught that a meatless diet is the ideal. Researchers found that men who ate vegetarian diets were less likely to die from heart disease or other heart-related conditions. However, there was not a similar result in women who followed a vegetarian lifestyle.

In the second study, the focus was on overall fruit and vegetable consumption. More than 71,000 Swedes had their eating habits studied for 13 years. It was found that people who said they never ate fruits and vegetables died, on average, three years sooner than those who frequently ate foods like apples, carrots and tomatoes. While this study was not perfect, it did seem to indicate that consuming more fruits and vegetables, and more vegetables than fruits, may help people live a longer life.

So what does that mean for you? If you are not a Seventh-day Adventist or a fruit and vegetable eating Swede, then just hope that vegetables do make you like longer.


  1. Beautiful gnocchi, Mr. Three-Cookies! I have never made Italian gnocchi but I like them so much, I know it would be too dangerous... I would have the whole batch on my own ;-) because my husband doesn't like gnocchi.
    I am relieved to see that people who don't eat fruits and vegetables live only three years less. It means that all the "5 fruits and vegetables a day" is a useless slogan... Three years is a short period really. I would be interested to learn more about the difference in their quality of life (especially in later years).

    1. Thank you, I picked the best ones for the photo, and covered up those that looked less beautiful:)
      Probably a lot more research needs to be done, or a lot less, there is a lot of rubbish out there:)
      Quality of life: if you force yourself to have a vege burger at a burger place, and salad instead of fries, your quality of life (enjoyment) might be a lot less during eating:) And afterwards you may have regrets. Whereas the meat/fries eater will be a lot happier, having positive influence on the body etc...???

    2. I mean the quality of life especially when one gets older. USually problems linked to the lifestyle and nutrition start appearing after the age of 50. It is apparently very difficult to "measure" the quality of life. For each person it's something different. Some older people will be happy spending their last 10 years on a wheelchair and others will be depressed and want to die because unable to work on their garden at the age of 80 and feel useless...
      As for the food and drink... Some people wouldn't mind switching instantly to whatever is considered healthy nowadays (it changes every week practically, as you know); others (I know one example) keep on drinking wine even though they have a cancer, take strong medicine etc., saying "what's my life worth without good wine?". Everyone chooses I suppose... I know which food and drinks I couldn't live without. I could stop temporarily but not forever.

    3. I knew what you meant, was joking/being stupid as always:)
      You are right, every human being is do different, in their mind, how their body works, how it processes food/drinks etc. There are man/woman who drink and smoke, eat food that we consider unhealthy and still live a long and happy life. While others go on a health diet and diet young, at least they die healthy!!! Its a bit questionable when government/health agencies etc determine what is right (8 glasses water/XX grams fat etc) when they can only make general recommendations, which probably does not apply to most humans. Continue drinking red wine and your Japanese food:)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! It's true: some people don't eat what is considered as healthy food and live long, happily etc.. I think that the lack of movement and eating way too much for our needs (of course I don't include cucumbers or lettuce ;-) ) are the only things that will make people ill and/or shorten their lives. For the rest, we shall never know for sure... It depends on every person and even on the climate!

    1. Cucumber, lettuce and shiso are exceptions for sure:)