Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Light No Bake Cheesecake and Restaurant Closes Mid-Service

Light No Bake Cheesecake
I don't want to mislead you so I will make a disclosure upfront. This cheesecake has no cheese, and it is not cake. But its called a cheesecake. Calling it cheesecake sounds far better than 'set quark' or 'jellied quark'. I used quark which some people don't consider to be cheese. If you think quark is cheese, then its cheesecake, without the cake.

Technicalities aside, this thing has the same texture and similar taste to real cheesecake, minus fat, cheese and cake. The base is also missing. Its really easy to prepare, especially if you set it in glasses or cups.

This cheesecake is not suitable for vegetarians and non-pork eaters since it contains gelatine which is made from pork, unless you find other alternatives. If I haven’t put you off the recipe, it is available here

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Matcha-Almond Layer Cake with Meringue Mushrooms

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Source: WCNC
Customers at the restaurant “Hops” in Matthews were enjoying their meal when police walked in and then the managers walked around to each table and told everyone they had to leave because the restaurant was closing for good. The restaurant was forced to close because they couldn’t reach a lease agreement.

Customers were given their bills as well as a doggy bag to pack their foods. Even the employees did not have advance notice.

Imagine sitting down to enjoy a meal and half way through you have to leave because the restaurant is shutting for good. It will certainly create a lasting impression. It will create good publicity, unfortunately the restaurant does not exist to take advantage of it. There could be worse situations like being told that an airline has gone bankrupt before the journey is completed.  It happened to me but an alternative airline was arranged at no cost. I wasn't asked to get off the plane mid-flight. That wouldn't have been fun, though I haven't tried sky diving.


  1. It actually sounds right up my alley!! hopping over to your link :)
    Mary x

  2. Mr. Three-Cookies, what what you have done is called "cheese cake" in Poland (don't know about other countries), apart from the individual serving of course, so please don't say it's not a cheesecake, otherwise you might make angry all those people who have been eating this cheesecake all their lives :-) .
    If quark is not cheese, than what Philadelphia is? Certainly not cheese! Quark is called "cheese" in Central and Eastern Europe (and also in France it's called "fromage blanc", fromage meaning cheese; in Switzerland it's simply fresh cheese too... actually quark or fresh cheese is probably considered as cheese by most people in Europe). I have bought yesterday goat "fromage blanc" (which would be called goat quark in Germany for example, where quark is by the way often labelled "perfect for cheesecakes" or something similar), so I don't see whence this idea...
    Anyway, it looks of course delicious and refreshing! (the link doesn't work unfortunately).

    1. " than what Philadelphia is?"
      Philadelphia is the name of a city in the US:) Why do you ask? Do you plan to visit? I haven't visited Philadelphia. They are well known for their...cheesesteak sandwich.
      Quark = cheese - we had this discussion before. I think quark is cheese. But a friend (biotechnologist) does not eat cheese but he eats quark because he says its not cheese. He explained why but I don't remember. So I think its cheese - and I've called it cheesecake!!! Will you sleep peacefully tonight:)
      Thanks - I've fixed the link.

    2. Yes, now I remember our discussion (pity you haven't mentioned it: "some people" does sound like more like a lot of people...) and, yes, I did sleep peacefully, thank you, even though reading that a traditional summer cheesecake I had first time as a small child has no cheese and is not a cake (the crunchy base is not why it's called a cake and it is omitted by some cooks anyway) was impossible not to comment. (I assure you I'm not the only one who understood this post this way.) Apart from your friend's idea I have never heard anything similar (as I have explained above). No need to scream ;-) I have noticed the title.

    3. I have no ideas why I said its not cheese. Its probably because I could not think of anything else to write. At least we had a good discussion, so thats a good outcome.
      I am glad you motivated me to buy gelatine - looking forward to more experiments

  3. Love you non cheesecake, even if not the real deal it looks delicious. Wow that would really be awkward being a client at that moment in that restaurant.