Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Palcohol and Coca Cola Brownie

Coca Cola Brownie

Recently I came into possession of a 1.5 litre bottle of Coke Zero. I don’t buy coke, so I thought of cooking with it to help use it up.  I came across a very interesting, unusual and simple Coca Cola Brownie recipe. Coca Cola is the only liquid used in the recipe, no eggs and butter is used.

The brownie turned out better than I expected. The flavor and texture is nice. It seems the recipe might be temperamental, depending on the type of Coca Cola used. The recipe is available here.

If I was to buy coke I would choose the regular sugar version and gain some calories rather than the zero version that contains artificial sweeteners. The artificial sweeteners being used has received criticism, and it is even banned in some countries. The bad news, for me, is that I still have a litre left. I plan to make pulled pork, which will use a fraction. 

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Source: Palcohol
Palcohol is one of the most interesting food innovations. It is alcohol in powdered form. You can think of it as the adult version of powdered soup. Just add water and its ready to go.

The website lists many benefits. It is lighter and less bulky than liquid alcohol, hence cheaper to ship. This can save fuel cost for airlines. And an ice cream company wants to put it in their ice cream. No, its not McDonalds, though it would certainly make kids happy.

Palcohol, even though it is not on the market yet, has attracted criticism. Questions have been raised about persons getting drunk by snorting it. Or sneaking alcohol into stadiums, theatres and schools.

The website does not way when Palcohol will be available. Personally, I can’t wait to try it.


  1. Thats an interesting brownie, looks like I wanna try it as well

  2. A very unusual food-geeky brownie version! I love it! I bookmarked Nigella Lawson's coca cola ham years ago... I hope you will tell me if it's a good idea.
    Palcohol... no thank you, I prefer the liquid form ;-) Very interesting news though.

    1. Bookmarking Nigella Lawson's coca cola ham is a good idea indeed. An even better idea is to make it:) That does sounds delicious.

  3. That brownie sounds like an awesome use for coca cola! I also never buy coke, but when someone brings it over for a party or something, I somehow get the leftovers. This sounds like a great use for it!

  4. What an interesting brownie recipe. Look on my blog I have a Colombian coke rice recipe which is common there apparently lol. I do not buy soft drinks either. Fun to cook with though when on hand. I see lots of potentials and pittfals with Palcohol...but must say I am curious.

    1. Thanks for the interesting recipe idea, never heard of it before. When it says Columbian coke rice, does coke refer to Coca Cola or some other type of coke that is common in Columbia:)

  5. Interesting! Coke brownie. Palcohol brownie?
    I've tried pulled pork with coke before and it's way too sweet for my liking. I guess I could reduce the amount of coke but there's a certain weird sweetness that's not right in a savoury dish that puts me off. Just my might like it. Lemme know...

    1. Palcohol brownie sounds like a brilliant idea - trust you to come up with such ideas:)
      The coke pulled pork was mildly sweet so it was OK.