Monday, May 26, 2014

Spicy Coca Cola Pulled Pork, and Margarine and Divorce

Spicy Coca Cola Pulled Pork

If you have flat coke and don’t want to throw it away, Spicy Coca Cola Pulled Pork is a good way to use it up, assuming that you are not a vegetarian.

I looked at a number of coca cola pulled pork recipes. The amount of coke varied, ranging from 1 cup for 6 pounds of pork to as high as 1.2 litre of coke for 4-5 pounds of pork.  I decided to use ¾ cup for a pound of pork, which is little more than a litre for 5 pounds of pork. My thinking was that if I am making coca cola pulled pork I might as well use a lot of coke, to make sure the coke flavor is there. Plus I had lot of coke to use up.

The pulled pork turned out great. It was sweet, but I couldn’t taste the distinct coke flavor. I rarely drink coke so perhaps my taste buds could not detect it. The recipe is available here.

While the pulled pork was really nice, I would not make this recipe again unless I had some flat coke to use up. Coke added sweetness, however I could get almost the same result by adding sugar, hence avoid all the preservatives and other stuff that goes in coke. I prefer my other two pulled pork recipes:

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Source: BBC
A fantastic article explaining how margarine is linked to divorce, or actually how data can be manipulated to reach strange conclusions.

The graph shows the relationship between rates of divorce and margarine consumption over almost 10 years.

While the statistics do show a statistical relationship between divorce and margarine, it does not mean that there is a link between margarine consumption, and divorce.

There are constantly lots of articles linking consumption of various foods and drinks to health. For example consumption of olive oil is linked to good health. Or consumption of butter helps in weight reduction. The real issue is whether there is a statistical relationship, or a real relationship.


  1. Thats a great coincidence, how about butter and marriage. LOL

  2. You have finally did it! It looks amazing! I am disappointed to see that coke didn't add anything magical to the taste... It sounded very promising, but the most important is the great result.
    Frankly, I'm not surprised at the divorce rate: I cannot imagine many couples where introduction of
    margarine would not create problems ;-)

    1. Yes I finally did. Maybe pepsi would add more flavour:) Or normal coke, not coke zero?
      I think margarine couples don't last because its based on something artificial - not natural:)

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