Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday December 9, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with pear and linseeds
Lunch: Pork ribs with boiled potatoes
Dinner: Spinach omelette burger
Snacks: Vanilla cola bun

For lunch today I had pork ribs. The preparation was a simple two step process - defrost and fry! It doesn't get any easier. Last week I bought grilled ribs, ate some and froze the rest. I decided to shallow fry the defrosted ribs to get a charred crispy exterior. Its sinful but frying adds extra oomph. Once in a while we deserve fried food. To complement the ribs I had boiled potatoes, just simply boiled and salted.

The vanilla cola bun was an experiment. Yesterday at the American Chamber mingle we received a bag of goodies which included a can of vanilla cola. I decided to use the cola for baking. I simply added flour and baking soda. I have not posted any recipe and you can guess why:) It was edible but nothing to write a recipe about. There is some dough left which I will experiment on again tomorrow. If you don't see a recipe you can guess how it went.

Today's Favourite Blog
Excellent coverage of a Christmas market in Berlin, starting with a nice photo of gluhwein, the picture is enough to make you feel warm!

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