Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday December 18, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Sour dough bread and spiced corned beef
Dinner: Potato Soup
BakingLemon cookies, oatmeal coconut crumble

My meal of the day was potato soup, it was the creamest potato soup I ever had. The best part is that it had no cream. For the first time I used rolled oats to thicken and I loved it. I probably added more than necessary which resulted in the soup thickening quite a bit. Definitely not a bad thing, thick soup is just as yummy. Using rolled oats to thicken is definitely a good discovery. To make soup I just used potatoes, oats, water and salt. The soup was really natural tasting, the potatoey taste came through.

Today was a bad sugar consumption day again, I lost willpower and consumed more than I should. The lemon cookies I made used the frozen dough from yesterday. It had lower sugar and margarine content so that was not too bad. And I walked for about 40 minutes in the snow so that makes me feel less guilty. Tomorrow I will try to keep consumption under control (thats what I said yesterday).

Today's Favourite Blog
Tastes of Home
Tastes of Home has an excellent Korean marinated eggplant recipe (Gaji Namul). The beauty of the recipe is the simplity and it uses very few ingredients. Just reading the recipe and looking at the pictures is enough to make you drool:)

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