Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday December 16, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Sourdough bun and margarine
Lunch: Fried egg sandwich
Dinner: Black beans and potato in chicken curry gravy
Baking/sweets: Chocolate crinkle cookies, coconut candy, 'anzac mix'

The sourdough flavour in the bread I made today was more developed. It had a much stronger sour dough flavour compared with yesterday's bread. It looks like my sour dough starter is getting almost ready. Sour dough bread sounds so sophisticated but it is so simple to make, needing just two ingredients. The power of knowledge:)

When I made chicken curry some days ago I froze extra gravy which I used today as the base for my beans and potato. I still have three more cubes of gravy left, I wish I had a lot more. Its simple to throw in a cube and it adds a whole different flavour dimension.

I was almost tempted to avoid writing about sweets. My will power gave way and I consumed more than the USDA recommended daily sugar intake, but probably less than the average American consumption:) I only had three cookies made using leftover dough. The crinkles I made today were coconut, sugar and oatmeal. Oatmeal was not the best one. The oats didn't crisp up. Next time I will try toasting the oats first and perhaps combining with coconut since oats and coconut is a nice flavour combination.

The coconut candy was made to keep the sweet demons happy. Its simply sugar and coconut cooked. Its something I ate growing up so its a comfort sweet:) Actually almost all sweets are comfort sweets.

And finally, the anzac mix - more on that later...

Today's Favourite Blog
smitten kitchen
So many interesting food blogs today but I picked smitten kitchen, hands down. Iced oatmeal cookies - I love oatmeal cookies on its own but iced? smitten kitchen also discusses the importance of keeping cookies unhealthy if necessary - taste over nutrition. I totally agree, eating a few cookies is still far healthier than consuming a can of coke. Oatmeal cookies do have a lot of healthy ingredients and there is nothing wrong eating sugar and butter to balance the extra nutrients:)

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