Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday December 8, 2010

Gnocchi with Stir Fried Vege's

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and linseeds
Lunch: Gnocchi with Stir Fried Vegetables
Dinner: Carrot omelette with wholemeal carrot pita bread
Snacks: Baked and deep fried gnocchi dough

Today for the second time I attempted to make gnocchi. The first attempt many months ago produced a fair outcome, the gnocchi did not fall apart but it was very doughy, probably because of too much flour. This time I got it right. I gradually added flour, being careful not to add too much. The gnocchi was slightly springy and had little resistance, not too much otherwise it would be like eating boiled dough. I stir fried frozen mixed vegetables with soya sauce, added gnocchi and cooked for another minute. The soya sauce from the stir fry lightly coated the gnocchi without overpowering the taste. The Chinese/Italian fusion worked well in this case.

I had leftover dough which I refrigerated. In the afternoon I experimented a little by baking as well as deep frying the dough. Both turned out alright though it wasn't as crispy as I expected. The deep fried gnocchi dough has a soft and slightly gooey texture, in a pleasant way. It was almost addictive. I also added some sugar to part of the dough before deep frying to see if it comes out similar to donut, it didn't. At least I tried. It was still very edible, nothing got thrown away.
Today's Favourite Blog
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