Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday December 14, 2010

Baked spaghetti, spinach and egg
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Boiled egg and pita wholemeal bun
Lunch: Baked spaghetti, spinach and egg
Dinner:Sourdough wholemeal flatbread with meatballs
Baking: Bread

I rarely bake pasta. I like the taste but I just don't make it often enough. Todays baked spaghetti with spinach and egg was nice and light, cheese would have gone well with it but I wanted to keep it relatively fat free. I didn't add any spices, to fully appreciate the unadulterated natural flavours. I really like spinach and egg combination.

Three days ago I started a sourdough starter. Its coming along slow but I think it will get there in a few days. According to the directions you should throw away half of the mixture and replace with a new mixture. I don't like to waste so instead of throwing away I keep it and today I made flatbread and pita bread with it. It was pretty good, it did rise a little but didn't have enough of the sourdough flavour. It still needs to be developed further. In any case, I reached one objective which was to make bread without regular yeast. It is a satisfying feeling - to make sourdough starter, mix the dough and make bread. You can see results of your efforts at every stage of the process. The later stages is particularly fun, watching the bread rise in the oven and the aroma filling the kitchen. And then finally the eating stage.  

Today's Favourite Blog
thefoodpornographer went on a high tea buffet and presented delicious pictures. High tea buffet is quite an interesting British tradition. I don't know why its 'high', probably you will get a high with the sugar intake. Perhaps it should be called 'very high tea buffet'. I have never tried a high tea buffet but I have eaten many dessert buffets which are part of a dinner buffet. For someone with a sweet tooth it is heaven. I am glad they don't have it where I live now but that does not limit my sweet intake.

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