Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday December 21, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with bananas
Lunch: Spiced Lentil tomato soup with rice
Dinner:  Spiced Lentil tomato spinach soup with potatoes

Todays meals were simple and nutritious. I made soup by cooking lentils, tomato paste, garlic and Chinese 5-spice powder for about an hour on medium heat. The lentils just started to disintegrate and the soup thicken. I made extra soup and in the evening I added frozen spinach.
Lentils and rice
For baking I did some experimentation, and am happy to say it turned out a success, I think so anyway. I made 3-ingredient oatmeal cookies. Yes the recipe just uses 3 ingredients, and cake mix is not one of them! And neither is butter, so it’s a butter-less cookie.

The recipe was developed out of necessity. I haven’t been shopping for a while and there is no flour, no raisins, no butter and very little coconut and butter/margarine in my pantry. I really felt like having oat cookies and with limited ingredients I had to become creative.

What I did have in the pantry was eggs, sugar and oatmeal: a liquid + a sweetener + carbs = 3-ingredient oatmeal cookies. And it worked. If you have a better stocked pantry, you can add dried fruits and nuts, or even fresh bananas. However it would no longer be a 3-ingredient oatmeal cookie. Its your choice - maintaining the integrity of the 3-ingredient cookie or having perhaps a nicer tasting cookie:)

The cookies turned out light, airy, crunchy and slightly crumbly, and not eggy unless you use really old eggs I suppose.

What I often do is freeze the dough, and I did the same today. In the evening I could not resist the thought of munching on some of these cookies so I baked some cookies from frozen dough, without defrosting. It worked fine, just as good as fresh dough. I sliced the frozen dough about half cm thick and baked frozen. Why wait and defrost when you can slice and bake:)
Today's Favourite Blog
Chocolate & Zucchini presents a very nice Christmas Sablés recipe. However the beauty of the post is the story behind how Chocolate & Zucchini acquired this recipe. It was a beautiful story dating back to the childhood. It is the stories and childhood memories behind food that elevates it to a much higher level. We all have our own childhood memories of food and Chocolate & Zucchini manages to convey her story across is such beautiful fashion. I have never tried sablés but even before trying I am in love with it already. 

Today's Favourite Photo

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