Monday, March 7, 2011

Coconut polenta cookies, turkey meat loaf and tartiflette

Coconut polenta cookies
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Pasta and zucchini in garlic sauce
Dinner: Adzuki bean and potato stew
Baking/sweets: Coconut polenta cookies, coconut oat chocolate drop cookies

I have been experimenting with coconut polenta cookies for a while and finally I have a recipe that I am happy to share. The recipe is available here. The cookies are relatively light and airy, crunchy and chewy. And of course delicious.
Today's Favourite Photo
Turkey meatloaf

Today’s Favourite Blog
Tamarind and Thyme presents the recipe for Tartiflette. Tartiflette sounds like tarte tatin’s cousin. They both come from France. Tartiflette is the savoury cousin made with potatoes, lardons, butter, cheese, wine and few other ingredients. As you can see from the list of ingredients it is quite a rich dish, best consumed in moderation. Tartiflette is made with slices of a block of cheese placed on top of the dish, with the rind facing up. The rind in tartiflette slightly resembles the flaky pastry in tarte tatin.


  1. I agree with your choice of the turkey meatloaf! I tagged it so I could make it soon!

  2. Coconut and polenta are my two favourite baking ingredients, those cookies look divine.

  3. I tried polenta before in savoury dishes and the best that I tasted was a deep fried parmesan polenta. But polenta in a cookie is something that I havent tried yet so I am curious now how would this taste, will definitely try it out.