Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Triple C Cookies, 7-layers cookie and biko

Triple C Cookies
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas and linseeds
Lunch: Pork curry, egg omelette and rice
Dinner: Spinach and egg omelette with polenta and oat bun
Baking/sweets: Coconut chocolate coffee cookies

The triple C cookies, coconut chocolate coffee, was an experiment. The end result was very tasty but the texture needs to be improved since it was a bit crumbly. I need to put some effort, baking and trying more cookies. It can be a tough job sometimes!

Today's Favourite Photo
Seven layers cookie bar

Today’s Favourite Blog
Its always fun to learn about new and unusual foods and I have been covering quite a few of these recently in my posts. Ang sarap enlightens us with “biko with jackfruit”, a Pilipino rice cake comprising of rice, jackfruit, coconut milk, sugar and water. It’s a sweet dish made with jackfruit. Some parts of the jackfruit are quite sweet but I have never tried a dessert version. This definitely makes me curious


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  2. 7 layers!!! WOW!

  3. Once again, my eyes went straight to the cookies. I do believe you want to kill me :-). Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  4. Triple C cookies sound like a wonderful idea! Then 7 layer cookies... woah!

  5. tongchen: thanks for the invite
    Ellie: can it be improved further?
    Mary: hahaha
    Hazel: I didn't notice the progression/improvement - triple then 7. Whats next?:)

  6. There are very few situations in this world that can't be improved with the flavour combination of chocolate, coffee and coconut. Also found in the delightful escape of an espresso and a lamington...