Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salmon in white wine, banana toffee cake and favourite foods

Salmon in white wine sauce with potatoes
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Scrambled egg with polenta and oat bun
Lunch: Poached salmon with white wine sauce and new potatoes
Dinner: Polenta and oat dumplings with spicy tomato soup

I used a quick and easy method for cooking salmon by adding salmon, wine, cream, salt and chilli flakes to a pot and cooking over low heat. The white wine sauce over-reduced and I did not feel like fixing it. As a result there was less of it, but with more intense flavour. The consistency of the sauce was not good enough to be served in a restaurant, or to take photos of as you can see, but definitely good enough to eat, as long as no one was watching!

Today for the first time I have a guest post. On February 27 I featured the following photo of Vienna Donuts from Viridianka’s blog. The blog is in Polish.

I received a few positive comments on the photo. Viridianka has kindly agreed to translate the recipe. Please click here for the recipe. According to Viridianka this is one of the best donuts, light as a cloud. The picture speaks for itself.

Today's Favourite Photo
Upside down banana toffee cake

Today’s Favourite Blog
An interesting article on the origins of some favourite foods. For example chicken francese and spaghetti and meatballs are not Italian but American while tempura is Portugese. French toast is Italian, Russian dressing is French and Mexican wedding cake is Lebanese. And apple pies are Europe. Other popular items such as fried chicken, sushi and fish and chips have not been mentioned in the article. For the time being we can safely assume that their origins are what we think it is.

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  1. I love donuts! These donuts look so light and puffy. Huffington Post is one of my favorite blogs too, I read it every day!