Monday, July 11, 2011

Kuro Goma Heaven and Donna Simpson

Yellow beans in soya tomato sauce with flatbread
Food Diary (July 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Yellow beans in soya tomato sauce with flatbread
Dinner: Sautéed cauliflower and bacon with rice
Baking/sweets: Various

Today's Favourite Photo
Kuro Goma Heaven: Black Sesame Ice Cream with Black Sesame Paste and a wafer roll topped with sesame seeds

Today’s Random Rambling
On Friday I bought strawberry jam but unfortunately I didn’t get any berries. On Saturday I bought bananas and ended up with berries. I feel a little cheated, dumb and stupid. I am sure this has happened to all of you.

By technical definition, a berry is a fleshy fruit produced from a single seed. Therefore strawberry is not a berry since it has its dry, yellow "seeds" on the outside (each of which is actually considered a separate fruit). True berries, such as blueberries and cranberries have seeds inside. Other berries include bananas, tomatoes and grapes. I knew tomato was a fruit but didn’t realize it was a berry.

So, is banana your favourite berry? 

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Aol Jobs

Note: some of you may find the following article disturbing. If so please don't read the article below, read it with a grain of salt or don't click on the website referred to below. 

Donna Simpson is a ‘professional eater’ spending around $580-to-$750 per week on groceries. It’s an expensive habit that also pays well. Donna’s website,, has paying fans and she earns nearly $100,000 annually from the site. Not bad. And that’s not all. She is working towards entering the Guinness World Record as the World's Most Obese Woman. Currently she only weighs 700 pounds but is working hard to gain an additional 300 pounds.

This high paying profession has its drawbacks. Donna suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It is also very difficult for her to go anywhere.

Donna is a single mother and already holds the record as the Heaviest Woman to Give Birth. Her habits have not rubbed off onto her daughter who prefers healthy foods, like salad, and is active in sports. That’s a good thing otherwise it could create problems if they were competing for food at home.


  1. As a person who is overweight (myself), it pains me to see her pictures. Does she really understand what she is doing to herself.

  2. These beans in tomato sauce look wonderful, I could have these everyday for lunch!

  3. I guess banana is my favorite berry! That black sesame ice cream looks so interesting.

  4. i love muesli for breakfast! healthy and well balanced! i've heard a lot about black sesame ice cream actually but i heard the flavor is pretty

  5. A banana is a berry? Mighty interesting!
    Good grief! The things that people will do for money and attention ... and food! But then, I don't know her true situation to judge her. So, I guess ... whatever makes her happy.

  6. I like the random rambling section! And that black ice cream looks really interesting!

  7. That first recipe is quite intriguing! I thought it was regular baked beans at first but then it sounds quite different :)

  8. That ice cream looks real good but black sesame flavour, mmmmm I haven't tried those yet. I guess the weirdest ice cream flavours that I tried are green tea, cheese (other people find it weird) and chocolate wasabi

  9. Babnana is a berry? Well my favorite is blueberry. I hope that's a berry!

  10. the black sesame ice cream look so good. Ya, did you check my recent Longan pudding post? if not, better do so.

  11. I clicked the crazy woman's link and cannot think of anything else now. It's sick. I will have the image of her in my head for a long time...
    It reminds me of a man I once saw on tv (in the US too) who was fattening his wife. He was mentally ill, but his wife agreed to eat tons of food and became a monster to make him happy.

  12. Lori: I am not sure if she does. In any case, as an adult I suppose she has made a conscious decision!

    Inside a British Mum's Kitchen: thank you

    Elaine: banana is my favorite berry?:)

    Junia: I have never tried black sesame ice cream myself but would love to

    ping: well said, I guess she knows best whats good for her

    yummychunklet: thank you!

    Lorraine: it is quite different from regular baked beans

    angsarap: Cheese ice cream? Sounds interesting, sweet and salty

    Maris: yes blueberry is a berry also, just like banana:)

    Sonia: I did see the Longan pudding post, nice

    Sissi: really really sorry about that. I have now included a note of 'caution'. I did think long and hard before including this article, was not sure whether its a good idea or not. On the plus there is an interesting monetising aspect from blogging.

  13. Ah, semantics...gotta love em. Honestly, I still can't get over the fact that tomatoes are a fruit at all!

  14. Really? Bananas are berries? And strawberries are not? My whole world view has just changed. LOL. I'm glad you posted that - I feel smarter today. ;) As for the lady trying to reach 1,000 pounds. I'm just not sure what to say - like you said, she's an adult making her own decisions.

  15. I had no idea bananas were a berry.

    Trying to gain 300 more pounds....oiy.

  16. Love the picture of the beans in the soya sauce! Looks delicious. I can't get over the ice cream. Black sesame? Sounds so interesting

  17. Mr. Three-Cookies, I was of course exaggerating, such people are sometimes shown on tv, so I wasn't that shocked. The monetising aspect is very interesting indeed! And the celebrity aspect too...

  18. Joanne: tomato is not just a fruit but a berry, and strawberry is not:)

    kristy: you are most welcome:)

    Kitchen Belleicious: I am quite curious to try sesame ice cream myself

    Sissi: no problems at all, I understand now. But I think its good for me to include a short note of caution anyway, I should have done this when I wrote the article. Interesting - people pay money to watch certain aspects of her life?

  19. Not sure if that woman will be around long to enjoy her earnings or her record. I've seen her on the news.
    The beans in tomato sauce look delicious!

  20. Curiosity is very very strong... and watching her daily life is probably for some people like watching a monster. There were times when very weird people were shown to people willing to pay for watching them. I suppose she realises that.

  21. omg, that is disturbing to me because weighing that much and spending that much money is gluttoney and very unhealthy!

    I can't believe she has a child- I mean how do you take care of your child- keeping them healthy, teaching them values, responsibility, ugh!!!! sick.

  22. The yellow beans with tomato sauce look amazing!

  23. Of course the Kuro Goma dessert caught my attention! I love the flavor and that's one delicious (and probably unique for most people) dessert!