Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red wine mash and new type of milk

Onion omelet with red wine mashed potato
Food Diary (July 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with bananas
Lunch: Onion omelet with red wine mashed potato
Dinner: Lentil and tomato spread with rye sourdough, muesli

My lunch looks and sounds strange but luckily it did not taste strange. It tasted unusual but not strange. Instead of milk I used red wine to make mashed potato. There wasn’t enough milk at home but there was enough red wine, my priorities are certainly in the right place. Anyway the taste was good, even though there was certainly the raw wine flavor. Food having raw wine flavor can be unpleasant sometimes. In case you are brave enough to attempt this red wine mash, I think full bodied red wine would be more suitable. But don't use your most expensive bottle unless you are feeling generous.

I am guessing most people would still prefer mash with milk and a glass of red on the side, instead of wine in the mash. We have different tastes!

Today's Favourite Photo
A very strange looking burger from Chalet Regain in Switzerland - Les Hambur goƻts

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: foodnews
There is an information overload. There is so much information on what food is good for us, which ones should be avoided, and those which can be either good or bad, depending on what you read. However this gives us ample opportunity to learn something new everyday.

Yesterday I learnt that strawberries were not berries while bananas and tomatoes were. Today the most interesting thing I learnt was the link between palm oil and milk. Yes there is a link.

Palm oil feed is widely used in Europe and in New Zealand. Removing palm oil from dairy cow diets improves the health of the cows and is better for the environment. And this is what British retailer, Marks and Spencer has done. They have introduced palm-oil-free milk. The company claims the new milk brand has six percent less saturated fat but actually tastes better.

When it comes to milk I used to think that I should be careful of chemicals such as pesticides and antibiotics. Now palm oil has sneaked into the picture. The good news is that palm oil free milk is not readily available in most countries so we don’t have a choice, that’s one less thing to worry about. I am sure it will appear in future, offering us more choices and more confusion!


  1. Awesome idea! You do have FANTASTIC priorities!

  2. Never tried red wine in potato mash, but certainly in roasted potatoes that was sorrounded by a nice roast, so both got the red wine flavor. Genius and fun looking burger!

  3. Great idea! I love how you put a meal together.
    thanks :)

  4. Awesome partnering. It looks perfect and delicious!

  5. What an interesting idea for the mash! I suppose you never know what it tastes like until you try it!

  6. Interesting facts! A lovely luch. Those mashed potatoes sound interesting.



  7. Hmmm... I think I'd prefer my red wine on the side please. The wine gave the mash an interesting hue as well ... why not call it red velvet mash? Fancy names always makes things taste better :D

  8. Mashed potatoes with wine sound interesting, but when I read the title I was sure you used white wine. I think trying mashed potatoes with some white wine, cooked for a bit and maybe with fried onions, is worth trying too!
    I am so confused at what is healthy and what is not... Actually I think everything is bad for our health. We should simply stop eating :-)

  9. Red wine in mash? Fantastic! Full of anti-oxidants, no? Healthy, too. Lovely colour, bouquet... love it!

  10. your meals today sound fantastic! what is the tomato lentil spread??

  11. Simply life: it was fun to look at but the reviewer was not impressed overall

    Parsley sage: thank you, I know:)

    Elisabeth: yes very fun looking, unfortunately that’s where it ended!

    Anna and Liz: thank you!

    Clare Valley Win: thank you

    Lorraine: exactly, you never know what it tastes like until you try it

    Rosa: thank you!

    Ping: red velvet mash – wish I thought of it earlier. You are so creative, yes it would make it taste nicer

    Sissi: your suggested alternative with white wine and fried onions sounds really nice. White wine may go better with mash I suppose. If we stop eating that would be unhealthy too…we are stuck:)

    Jill: I didn’t think of the antioxidants aspect – important to keep in mind

    Junia: tomato lentil spread is just tomato and lentil cooked together. Next time I make it I will measure the amounts so that I can post a recipe

  12. I totally get the mash! I once made red wine risotto with borlotti beans and raddichio and 'twas magnificent. Must try the mash idea!

  13. That is a strange hamburger. I usually like to be able to get my mouth around one and not worry about chewing glass.

  14. Wine in mashed potatoes sound rather innovative to me. Could you have created the latest trend? :-) Btw, that high-rise Swiss burger looks amazing! How in heavens name do you eat it?

  15. Red wine mashed potato sounds really interesting. That burger...is just so fun!

  16. Oh yes, I like this idea - I guess white wine would work too! YUM

  17. Red wine mashed, I don't think I am quite that daring today. But, it sounds very interesting!

  18. Hannah: wow, great minds think alike. Red wine would be great in rissoto, esp since it would reduce and cook out

    Angela: haha, chewing glass can add a bit of crunch!

    Foodiva: maybe?:) Like tarte tatin, I could be famous:) The burger needs to be assembled by the diner - the glass jar contains tomato sauce etc

    Angie: thank you, it was interesting to eat as well!

    Mary: it should work with white wine, probably work better

    The Slow Roasted Italian: probabaly not a good idea to eat a lot of red wine mash before driving, or for lunch:)

  19. That is one awesome looking hamburger!

  20. That hamburger is indeed strange!

  21. I would have never thought to use wine in place of milk for mashed potatoes. How very creative! I actually wouldn't mind trying it.