Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smoked Fish Cake and Easy Butter Former

Smoked Fish Cake

This was my first attempt at making fish cakes. I never realised it was so easy to make. The recipe is available here.

Today's Favourite Photo
‘Evangelion: Q' With a 9-Patty Cheeseburger. I think if you are ordering this, it would be wrong to not upsize on the drinks and fries!

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Food Republic
Probably one of the more bizarre, interesting and useful inventions that I have seen.

That super low tech device from Metex Japan is the Easy Butter Former. If you don’t enjoy trying to spread hard butter onto bread, Easy Butter Former will take care of your frustration. It grates butter like cheese, which then melts quickly if left at room temperature.  


  1. I'm so happy to see you back in action!
    I have been meaning to prepare fish cakes for years, so thank you so much for the encouragement. Yours look delicious!
    I love the huge hamburger. I don't think I would need chips or sweet drink with it... Maybe an ambulance?
    The gadget is too much even for such a gadget freak as me ;-) but it's a great idea to post kitchen gadgets. I hope to see more!

  2. Wow that burger is crazy! Reminds me of heart attack burgers in vegas

  3. I'm fascinated by that butter former! It looks crazy yet fun!